Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mail comes in and mail goes out

My mail arrived in the mail today. No really,  I ordered some miniature vintage mail from Jennifer over at  Looking Glass Miniature and am thrilled that it has arrived. It must have taken forever to prepare and assemble these items. Look carefully as there are even some letters in the envelops. I am so glad to have ordered these.
Today is also the day I finally got some mail out. Along with Jayne and Eva's wins from the draw out went eight swaps to a bunch of gals in our yearly swap. This group of swappers is from one of my Yahoo groups. In case you are wondering what a yearly swap is; each person signs up for a month within the year that they will send out swaps to every other person signed up. My month for this swap was August and the other months I recieve a miniature in the mail from one of them. Been swapping this way for years, it really is fun. In October I have to send out 1:48 items for a different swap, yikes. These are 1:12th scalea and on their way!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Anthoula was my swap mate in Caterina's traveling swap and she sent this beautiful array of food items that she made. Isn't she just so talented? Anthoula, now I think you should come to Hawaii so I can thank you properly.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drawing time.......

Thank you everyone for participating and a huge welcome to all of the new folks who joined. Our winners are very talented miniaturists, each with a business worth visiting so if you are not familiar with them please take a look.

Drum roll please..................

First drawn with first choice of vase lots goes to Jayne at

The second set of vases goes to Eva

I have emailed each of you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm finding some of the same frustrations. My time is limited and very precious to me so I get thoroughly annoyed when I want to browse a particular category, lets say furniture and behold, I find plants, babies, blankets, magazines, signs, vases, and well you get the idea. Maybe I am just cranky but I do think I have a point otherwise there would be no CATEGORIES! Its not like these items don't fit someplace else. I go out of my way not to buy from vendors that push their items this way. This really is too bad for the vendors that do not take advantage. Where are those Etsy police?
Well, let me now apologize for subjecting you to my rant and please know that the picture should not suggest that I am really to that point, I just thought it was cute. OK, me and my purse are off now, to the nice websites that catergorize their items correctly and don't waste my time ......

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So the conversation went like this…..

Me: Honey, I just read about this guy who gave himself the 100 Thing Challenge

Him: Oh what’s that?

Me: Well, you challenge yourself to live with just 100 personal items.

Him: Chuckle, chuckle. Well do you think you could do it?

Me: Hmmm, sure, if my miniature items and supplies did not count.

Him: chuckle, chuckle……

Me: Well, you'll just have to count your own fork and plate.

Me to myself: If more people get on board with this there will be some really great yard sales out there.

Seriously though, I love the idea of living small and can see great benefit but really, I’m just not quite ready. Chuckle, chuckle.

Could you do it?

Don’t forget to sign up for my giveaway mentioned in the previous post!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

To welcome and thank you, a giveaway for you

I did not want to be remiss in sending a special welcome and a warm thank you to all of the followers of my miniature place here on the web. I've spent many years in online miniature communities and groups now and for a very reluctant transient these special places have remained a constant. Even though each move has brought me new opportunities to make some wonderful friends it has been a true pleasure being able to have so many groups and now blogs to be my local miniature 'club' . OK so you know the deal by now, leave a comment on this post if you are interested in the drawing for one of these two collections of sterling vases I made for you. First name drawn will get first choice of sets. No need to post this on your blog but you are certainly welcomed to do so. All new followers are welcome and will be included as well. The drawing will be on 21 Aug. That is two Saturdays from today. Again, welcome and thanks for choosing to spend some of your time here!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have I ever mentioned that I love old iron and metal things? Well, this vintage table has been my computer space for a few years now.

It is one of my all time favorite furniture pieces. I have been wanting it in miniature but didn't think it would happen anytime soon......and here it is!

It came as an unfinished kit and has been fun seeking it out.

Now for the glass fronted armoire. I'll bet that will be a bit more challenging.......