Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acquisions and Mergers

I am so excited to be the new owner of this vintage dollshouse. From the first time I saw it last week on our local Craigslist it really did not get far from my mind. There was a point where its renovation was all planned out so I went for it. It is huge and there are 11 rooms complete with contact paper flooring and wall paper. The outside was crudely routed out to resemble lap siding and I truly love it just as it is.

Its the antique collector in me that wants to keep its original condition but the finished picture in my minds eye has surely won. As for the merger, well thats a simple placement of this project at the top of my project list. What was I thinking?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Studio Redux

To me working smarter starts with organizing and this is especially true when multiple projects will be going on. I did want to spare you the mess that this closet started out as so just imagine a regular ole' closet with a couple of bars and shelf that was also badly in need of a paint job.
Here is the start of my work area redux with the shelving and workspace additions along with a fresh coat of paint. I think the space is 48" wide. I chose a raspberry color as it is a great complement to a bit of color in my chair and also to some paper that I intended to use as my inspiration print.

All creators need storage for their wares and I love collecting little containers and such to store mine. If they are old and worn or lovingly used all the better. Here are some that fit pretty well into this space so far. The little brown boxes on the bottom shelf are cd storage and are perfect on this narrow shelf. They may get a redux too.

The addition of another table creates needed workspace.
The round piece of marble was a tabletop that I had no base for. It now provides a great work surface. I love vintage metal trays and often use these tip trays for my miniatures work.

A favorite vintage chair that was slated for a redux works well for me here. I am happy to have traded a wood table for glass as it makes the space feel larger.

We're not finished yet. I must add some fabric in the form of a curtain to close of the work area when it gets messy guests come to visit. This room may have to provide double duty as a guest room and it has great windows just begging to provide a pretty view. I'll be sure to share the rest of this room as it progresses.
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Work Smarter Not Harder in 2010

For some reason I feel quite a bit more resolved at the start of this new year to work harder smarter on my personal goals. These of course include my miniature projects. In the past I have always started collecting the items to go into my miniature projects while dreaming about the structure. Now work is on the structures while dreaming about the contents. Don't get me wrong I have been purchasing but these have been limited to the more major pieces of furniture that will be used. I do not want to give the impression that I think my this process is better its is just neccesary since I left most of my miniatures in storage back on the mainland. Why in the world would she/anyone do that you may ask. Well, we have lived a fairly transient lifestyle so I thought I would could take a little break. HA one thing is for sure if I do not have creative projects going on I tend to get a bit cranky.