Thursday, January 21, 2010

Acquisions and Mergers

I am so excited to be the new owner of this vintage dollshouse. From the first time I saw it last week on our local Craigslist it really did not get far from my mind. There was a point where its renovation was all planned out so I went for it. It is huge and there are 11 rooms complete with contact paper flooring and wall paper. The outside was crudely routed out to resemble lap siding and I truly love it just as it is.

Its the antique collector in me that wants to keep its original condition but the finished picture in my minds eye has surely won. As for the merger, well thats a simple placement of this project at the top of my project list. What was I thinking?

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Knotty By Nature said...

This house is so cute! I've been working on a Craigslist fixer-upper for months now and the going is slow, but at some point it snowballs and you really start getting somewhere. All of my interiors were unfinished - so I got lucky. Yours is going to be so rewarding though. Good luck!