Sunday, February 27, 2011

A reluctant transient and contest

I have been a reluctant transient for all of my adult life. My husband served in the US Marine Corps for 30 years and I have been with him for most of that time. There are interesting experiences that go along with being a military spouse but for the most part I'd would have rather stayed put. When he retired a few years ago we had to move from the east coast to Hawaii for work. My mind had been focused for years on the retirement and settling down so this was a blow. Besides we had to eat. Moving every couple of years poses some challenges for someone like me. I am a very visual, tactile person and space with which I spend my time has to feel right, comfortable. If I am not creating somthing, I am cranky. The grass is always greener right? Anyway, at the risk of boring you to death, I am headed to Florida this week to set up our new house.

With this, I offer you to participate in my contest......

My husband traveled back east a few weeks ago to unload a large storage unit we left behind. Below you will see some of the goodies waiting for me to unpack. My husband insists they are mostly miniatures and if they are not an actual miniature, they are related somehow. I do not agree.
While he was there I was here packing boxes of miniatures and supplies to send back. Four boxes have arrived already.
 It is hard to remember after a few years just what has been in storage but the photos below are certainly miniatures. Each of those drawer units below I would consider a box.

 This is my Aster. It has been stored for about six years. This roof is covered in mini broom straw. I found out I was alergic to the straw and it remains unfinished. Hopefully everything is safe and sound, I can't wait to see.
I provide you with three chances to win the yet undetermined prizes for guessing how many 'miniatures' boxes I have ended up with. These are the moving type boxes like you see above and includes the white dollhouse shown in the first photo and supplies.

1) Those from the existing storage
2) Those packed and shipped from Hawaii
3) The combination of both

Place your three guesses in the comment section here. Good luck, I am anxious to find out myself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm not stalking, really.

It seems like blogger does not always help me keep up with the blogs I've joined, so I just rejoin. Really, I would not stalk anyone.