Sunday, February 27, 2011

A reluctant transient and contest

I have been a reluctant transient for all of my adult life. My husband served in the US Marine Corps for 30 years and I have been with him for most of that time. There are interesting experiences that go along with being a military spouse but for the most part I'd would have rather stayed put. When he retired a few years ago we had to move from the east coast to Hawaii for work. My mind had been focused for years on the retirement and settling down so this was a blow. Besides we had to eat. Moving every couple of years poses some challenges for someone like me. I am a very visual, tactile person and space with which I spend my time has to feel right, comfortable. If I am not creating somthing, I am cranky. The grass is always greener right? Anyway, at the risk of boring you to death, I am headed to Florida this week to set up our new house.

With this, I offer you to participate in my contest......

My husband traveled back east a few weeks ago to unload a large storage unit we left behind. Below you will see some of the goodies waiting for me to unpack. My husband insists they are mostly miniatures and if they are not an actual miniature, they are related somehow. I do not agree.
While he was there I was here packing boxes of miniatures and supplies to send back. Four boxes have arrived already.
 It is hard to remember after a few years just what has been in storage but the photos below are certainly miniatures. Each of those drawer units below I would consider a box.

 This is my Aster. It has been stored for about six years. This roof is covered in mini broom straw. I found out I was alergic to the straw and it remains unfinished. Hopefully everything is safe and sound, I can't wait to see.
I provide you with three chances to win the yet undetermined prizes for guessing how many 'miniatures' boxes I have ended up with. These are the moving type boxes like you see above and includes the white dollhouse shown in the first photo and supplies.

1) Those from the existing storage
2) Those packed and shipped from Hawaii
3) The combination of both

Place your three guesses in the comment section here. Good luck, I am anxious to find out myself.


Caseymini said...

Cheryl, I am just going to take a wild guess...14, 22, 36? Count me in. I would love to be there when you open the boxes. It will be like Christmas!

Tabitha Corsica said...

I've had the "joy" of moving mini's myself...heheh.

I'll say 20, 25, & 30.

CALL ME!! I'm in the book...


Kathi said...

34? Maybe more? I know moving is NO fun. Sure wish I was moving back to FLORIDA! wish I could help you unpack too!
How can you even think of having a give-a-way with so much else to do???
Thank you and please count me in!

Kathi said...

Ooops! I didn't read the instructions! LOL
Plus three that were found later in a closet. :D

Thmini2 said...

I can't wait to see what you all find. I bet thewre is a lot that you forgot about! Have fun. It will be like opening presents.

Lainie said...

OK this one is difficult! I'm going to guess 17, 20 and 37.

Lataina said...

Cheryl, I can sympathize. I too am a "reluctant transient". As a child you have no choice, and we moved around alot. As an adult, my fiance's job requires him to move alot as well. Belongings always remain in boxes and nothing ever feels like home. =( I too need the stability of roots to feel happy.
Anyway, I will guess 15, 20, 35. =)

Abhishek Duggal said...


12, 24, 36


forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

Lara said...

1) 22
2) 18
3) 40

Good luck with your packing and have fun with unpacking ;-)

Patty said...

My father was Military and we moved all of the time. I loved all of the new countries and experience's. I think I would have not been as pleased as an adult! I am sure the reason why I don't like moving is because of my youth....I like roots too!
total 27

What fun this is!!!

Claudia said...

Okay - 15, 23 and 30. Totally a guess. I'm glad you're going to get back to FL and have a chance to settle down, Cheryl.


Margriet said...

32,23,55 I really don't know, but i sure would love to know the answer hahaha

Marlene said...

18,14, 32. like everyone else it's a wild guess. Can't wait t hear how many and what's in them.

Josje said...

Moving to Florida, how exiting! Forget the hard work, just think how wonderful it will be to unwrap all of those miniatures you didn't know you had!
O dear, guessing how many boxes you have packed...I did spot that lovely roof peeping out of a box, so that is one...counting...uhm...13, 17, 30.
Look forward to seeing you move in and unpacking those boxes!

Chris P's Minis and More said...

my guess is
37 total
This is fun !!

Iris said...

My guess is 16, 23, 39.
This is really interesting!

Hopblogger said...

Hello Cheryl,
My hubby & I also retired from the Army. I loved every minute of it - including the moving part! I also lost many sentimental items as well as alot of my mini's moving overseas & the like. That hurt my feelings deeply.
I will take a guess 10, 8, & 18. I do hope that I am right!
I absolutely adore mini's now that I no longer move about. My apartment building needs stuff!! Thank you for sharing this giveaway.

cunha said...

Hello, you have a lot of work to do, I think it's 12; 14;26 total.

Monica said...

If your collecting is anywhere near as out of control as mine is I'm guessing (are we including related supplies and tools) ... regardless, I'm guessing 43,27, and 18, and wishing you a safe, happy and a not too stressful moving day.

Make It Small said...

I do hope you'll be happy in your new home and have fun unwrapping all those little treasures. I've moved so many times! I do sympathise with the work involved but also envy the adventure of it all. I'll take a wild guess at your boxes being 12,9 and a total of 21. Good luck, Gill x

Katie said...

What a neat giveaway! How fun it would be to be there with you when you open them:) 16, 7 and 23... although from what I've read it may be more:)

My Dad was in the military.. so I know what you mean about moving! Hope you get to settle in the Fl!


Maria Ireland said...

what a great fun way to have a draw lol best wishes in your new home my guess is 6 18 24

Craftland said...

Great giveaway. Hmmmmmmm, I think to me and I'll say 16, 31 and 53.

I hope you get all your treasures in time and a good time in Florida.
Hugs from Craftland