Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So the conversation went like this…..

Me: Honey, I just read about this guy who gave himself the 100 Thing Challenge

Him: Oh what’s that?

Me: Well, you challenge yourself to live with just 100 personal items.

Him: Chuckle, chuckle. Well do you think you could do it?

Me: Hmmm, sure, if my miniature items and supplies did not count.

Him: chuckle, chuckle……

Me: Well, you'll just have to count your own fork and plate.

Me to myself: If more people get on board with this there will be some really great yard sales out there.

Seriously though, I love the idea of living small and can see great benefit but really, I’m just not quite ready. Chuckle, chuckle.

Could you do it?

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Marlene said...

You are so lucky to have yard sales, we tried here in the UK, last year, we moved form a good town location, put all our bits out and signs at both ends of teh road, one next to the car park, only had a few people pop in, mostly they were just looking.
So we went to a local car boot sale, which means if it does not fit in your car you can't take it. Sold loads of small items. The big stuff we got rid on on a website freecycle, you can't ask for money but people come and collect it and you get rid of it that way. what was left went to charity shop.
Very long winded
Regards Marlene

Clara said...

¡Es una idea magnigica! Eso de de sacar a la venta cosas que en realidad no necesitamos y tenemos guardadas, seguro que el que lo compra le da mejor vida.
Besos Clara

Tallulah Belle said...

Hmmm interesting idea....can you exclude stuff for mini making :-)

Cheryl said...

Marlene, we don't have very good yard sales here. At least not in comparason to where we came from on the mainland.

Clara, i like to think of helping people out by buying there item as well.

TB, That has my vote. I think I could even get rid of my sofa for sitting at the computer or at my mini making desk.

Christine said...

I couldn't live with under 100 things. I'm too much of a bowerbird. We did know a family though who almost did it, but it meant continually borrowing things like cups and china and cutlery when they had unexpected guests over as they only had one set per family member. Lots of other borrowing too. I'm not sure it counts when you rely on everyone else to supply things so you can uncomplicate your own house?