Monday, December 6, 2010

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

There are miniature trees all over my house. I wanted to share a beaded tree with you along with an update on the bottle brush trees.
Tammy from Dollar Store Dollhouse wrote in a comment about painting the bottle brush trees. My paint selection is rather limited so I stuck to white and green. The color of most of the trees was not to my liking so these were subjected to a bit of dry brushing. Huge improvement. Sorry my photos are not very good but they do look really nice. Take a look at Tammy's tutorial on using easter egg dye to recolor them.

Here is a photo of the beaded tree I picked up by auction last year. Truth be told it is my second. My original is in storage and the goal was to use this one to learn about lighting with fiber optics.


Christine said...

All your trees are delightful and your beaded tree is stunning!

Heleni said...

Your beaded tree is wonderful...


Kathi said...

WOW! This beaded tree is beautiful!!!
I love your little ornaments too. You've reminded me about lincoln logs. I saw a printie to make this somewhere? I have REAL lincoln logs in my RL toy cabinet. :D

Tallulah Belle said...

The beaded tree is beautiful.

I just colored a white christmas tree and used fabric paint in a spray bottle. It worked really well.

Tammy Renee said...

Oh your trees turned out lovely. I like the idea of using them in large urns and in the mini sleigh. Just adorable.

Mini Blessings Tammy Renee