Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It was me that changed my settings to moderated so you would think I would check and do my job.
Thank you all for your patience, encouragement and suggestions to help me with those horrid blue walls. I tried acetone and it still did not budge. After several tens of dollars spent on this problem I am resigned to putting up some false walls and more than ready to move on. So far this rehab is not unlike working on a real house in that you learn to really love it layer by sometimes frustrating layer.

I am considering moving some of the walls around even though they are nailed in quite well. A few of these rooms are large so stock flooring is not an option for them. The room behind the bay window contained a stairway but I can live without the stairs in prefererence of another room. In this photo you can see this room with some of the original 'wood flooring'. Wouldn't you agree that with the stairway removed this is a great space for many types of rooms? Another thing you are able to see in this photo is a sampling of the condition of the siding. I've already started filling in the grooves and have always wanted to own a stone house so this baby will have a stone type finish. Old world of course.

Heavans,  I am so glad to be old enough to laugh at myself.


Tabitha Corsica said...

Covering the outside with some sort of stone effect would be great for this house, I think. There are many techniques you could use for this. Paperclay bricks/stone or stucco or a combination of several methods for a terrific look.

And if you can get those stairs out,so much the better. That could be a charming room instead of a hallway. Lovely contact paper floor, btw (hehehe...)

As I said...Have fun and I'm anxious to see your progress with this. (btw...your workroom is far too neat and organized! :-)


Cheryl said...

Oh Tabitha my workspace was only that neat because I had taken everything out and cleaned. If you noticed I did not show you the rest of the room lol. Thanks for the tips!