Monday, February 15, 2010

I won! I cannot believe it!

I won a give away Kathi, who's blog is named Beautiful Miniature Blessings ran to celebrate her recent winnings. She is undoubtedly a very talented and generous person to have made the items she made for me. They are so personal it makes them all the more special. Please go and have a look through her blog and don't forget to visit the beach house she is renovating. I will post more photos when my gifts have arrived.


Kim said...

Kathi did such a great job on this- I bet you cannot wait to see it in person :)

Meli said...

Congratulations to Kathi for her work and you Chery!! How lucky!!!

Carey said...

You are so lucky. I love this little scene. Enjoy it.

Carey from Chicory Nits

Kathi said...

I really had fun making this for you!
It's on its way to you right now!
Hugs, Kathi