Sunday, June 13, 2010

Decisions, decisions

This is the second set of doors in recent weeks. The first set were divided down the middle. There needed to be a way to cover that opening line and still allow for a mostly symetrical design so off they came. Its almost like having a blank slate to work with.
What do you see?

I have been looking at windows and doors for weeks. The ones pictured here are just to get an idea of size and placement. Since so many are needed I'm still weighing making my own.  The matboard you all suggested be used to cover that contact paper and allow for ease of papering has been purchased. I was also going to use the matboard to make faux slate shingles but it may be more cost effective to use the real slate. Some of the strangest things are very expensive here, the matboard alone will end up costing more than the house, isn't that funny. So windows along with the electrical system will be the next order of business.


Tabitha Corsica said...

It looks like you ae changing the position of the front door, yes? Moved it all the way to the right? I think the style of doors and windows is heavily dependent of the overall style of the house....Federal, Victorian, Georgian, etc. Some of these styles are best with the door smack in the middle (Georgian, for example). Once you decide on a style for the house, the type of doors and windows will pretty much take care of itself take care of it self.


minwks said...

Hi Cheryl, I was very surprised to hear you say that the mat board was very expensive. It is possible you are looking at a different product? I believe we paid about $8 for a very large sheet - that was premium as we opted for the grey coloured one before we even put the texturing on. I don't think it is necessary to buy the gray board as yo still have to paint edges etc. I will be posting the finished roof in a day or so as we are just putting the guttering on.
Regards Janine

Cheryl said...

Hey thanks again Tabitha. I like the georgian style and also rococo. My roof lines don't match up with most of the photos I've seen. I love the hip roofs of those styles.

Janine the mat board here was $27. I wasn't sure of the price but knew this was overdone. Sticker shock is a common occurance here. The first quote was $42 LOL. Your house is lovely and knew I wanted to use your slate technique.