Friday, June 4, 2010

Studio garden update

I was able to manage getting a climber for the vintage door. It is Jasmine and smells wonderful. I removed the screening and shabily sprayed the metalwork so that it would stand out a bit more. There is also new hawaiian floral fabric for the chair but I have been waiting about two years to get the seat put in so we'll move on for now.


Jean Day said...

Your patio area is so lovely!! Jasmine is the best smell.

Ascension said...

Que preciosidad de patio, perfecto para disfrutar este verano.
besitos ascension

Claudia said...

It looks beautiful. I love the scent of Jasmine - glorious.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Lovely! We have been working on our yard as well and I will have to post some pix soon! My daylilies are beginning to bloom. A highlight of the hot summer temps.


cockerina said...

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