Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome

Welcome to all of the new members. I am so glad you decided to spend a little of your time here. It feels like I have been away forever. While many of you have been shoveling out from under the snow I have been trying to get hold of a mold problem. It rained here steadily for a couple of weeks and created more mold on, in and around everything than I have ever seen. We have cleaned out just about everything we own and decided to downsize a few of our belongings along the way (No miniatures included). My desktop computer decided to go kaput as well. Pretty bad timing right after Christmas. Isn't it funny how things just happen that make you get your business in order.....see you soon!


lluna said...

Siento lo ocurrido!! Yo acabo de conocer tu blog y tus miniaturas y la verdad es que tienes bellisimos trabajos. Voy a hacerme tu seguidora. Animos y esperaremos que llegue primavera pronto. Besitos.

cockerina said...

Cheryl welcome back! I hope that the problems of rain, mold and other annoyances, you have finally solved!
mini hugs, Caterina

Claudia said...

Hang in there, Cheryl! We're dealing with endless snow and you're dealing with mold. I hope it is cleared up soon.


malu2 said...

Que cosas mas preciosas tienes, ya soy tu seguidora,te invito a visitarme,desde Spain,Europa.Besos.