Sunday, January 2, 2011

No resolutions for me... I will reevaluate and create another Dream Board.

Like many people as 2010 moved into place I thought long and hard on what my resolutions for the year would be. If you look up the meaning of the word you will find that while not really negative, they bring to mind a sense of  forcefulness, something that must get done or else. The word comes with a heavy weight and feels like an inhibition of my creative side. So this is what I did, I created my Dream Board. It is so much fun and you can put anything on it your heart desires. A Dream Board is a more creative way to keep a reminder of what you want to accomplish. Nothing has to have a timeframe. This one item on mine was a big deal AND I wanted it complete by the end of 2010. If I had to think and record every step that it would take for me to accomplish this dream I would have felt overextended.  A simple rendiditon did the trick. Want to see what was on my dream board?

Now let me introduce you to SW 3rd St.

This means much more to me than just owning a house. Its roots, a place where my family can come to stay without saving for a lifetime. I will be able to hop on a plane a get to them in a couple of hours. It is a quality of life that will allow me to do the things I really enjoy, the things that fill my soul and make me happiest.

Google maps puts me and SW 3rd St 6,017 miles apart and in order to live here it will take some major changes in every area of our lives. Looks like I have a lot of new choices for this year. Would you like to join me in creating a dream board?


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Sandra from Sydney said...

Cheryl, what a great idea! I think it's wonderful to have a Dream Board. Like you, I don't make resolutions, as soon as I make a deadline for something it becomes a chore. But having a Dream Board with no time restrictions - that makes it a pleasure.

Best wishes for achieving your dream!
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)