Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its Veteren's Day, here's how you can help and a Marine Tribute "On My Watch Tonight"

On this Veteren's Day I'd like to say thank you to all of those, including my father, husband and nephews that have served, continue to serve and will serve in their militaries. The sacrifices and dedication that you, your parents, spouses and children continue to provided makes me proud beyond measure.

I am fortunate that my career is in support of all of the very fine Marines and their families serving in the United States Marine Corps today. It is easy to get caught up in our day to day lives but please keep in mind that our deployment cycles are taking a toll. We continue to suffer losses in combat, suicide continues to rise, operational stress is prevalent and the toll on our families is high so if you can support them in anyway please do so. It really does mean a lot to them.

Here are a few things you can do

**Embrace a couple of service members into your home for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. They love to be part of a family, playing with kids and dogs, talking to mom and dad or just watching tv in a livingroom. Contact your local base, recruiting station, wounded warrior or other unit. If you need direction for your area please contact me.

**Give to a charity that provides for our service members currently deployed overseas. Here is one They just now putting together Christmas Stocking for thousands of our deployed Marines.

**Give or organize a blood donorship. This way all blood donated goes in direct support of military members.

**Adopt a unit. Gather your community resources, VFW, churches, schools, womens groups etc. Send care packages and letter to our troops. It does not have to be alocal unit. They truely LOVE IT!

The video below is by Mike Corrado, he is a United States Marine, family man and super nice guy.


Kathi said...

Great video! Thanks to all of our veterans and their families!
Our family has hosted servicemen for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun and NO leftovers! :D

Flor said...

Hola Cheryl!
Creo que lo que yo pueda decir es muy poco, para lo que debe ser vivir una historia de estas...Pero si es un hecho que son personas admirables y sus vidas marcan una diferencia.
Un abrazo y gracias por el vídeo!