Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wow. What a difference a light box makes.

With some extra time last week and the realization that my photo journaling skills need a big boost, I decided to make a simple light box for photographing miniatures. 

In the next two photos, the subject, a birdhouse kit by Northeastern Miniatures, was photographed on a tabletop under the conditions offered by the day.

 This next photo was taken in the lightbox with the white background in place.
 These last few were taken with the black background. The lighting used was moved around a bit and they were taken on a very cloudy day. The daylight conditions still have bearing on the outcome, I think but these are much better to me than not having used the lightbox. You will see in the last photo a much different outcome.

 This one was taken in the evening under artificial lighting conditions. I do like the outcome but obviously still have a long way to go.
My blog post title box is still missing..........has anyone seen it? 


MiniAussie said...

I'm totally amazed with the different results!
Thank you for sharing, now you've tempted me to experiment a bit rather than just snap away :)

Tabitha Corsica said...

Making a light box is something I have been telling myself I "must do" for months. Now I really "must do" it. Your results are more than convincing...and it looks like a simple construction. good for you for getting it done!

CLARA said...

Cheryl, yo utilizo esa caja para las fotos. Para cosas solas va muy bien. A mi me gusta cómo ha salido la foto en la caja.
Puedes poner fondos de tela o de otros colores.
La jaula una delicia en todas las fotos :)
Me encanta.
Besos Clara

Flor said...

¡Hola Cheryl!!!!
Primero que nada ¡que jaula mas linda!!!!
Yo sufro cada que le tomo fotos a las minis
) = no se nada de fotografía . Pero lo que si es un hecho como cambia el mismo objeto , con diferentes tipos de luz O =
Un abrazo

cockerina said...

spectacular! first of all I believe that we must have a good camera, which I did not I! : ((
then, however, I prefer the photo of the cage with a black background ...
good result, shows all the details!

thanks for your comforting comment on my blog!
kisses, Caterina

Anonymous said...

Look for a fluorescent light bulb with a 5000k (kelvin color scale) rating. That is very close to the color of natural sunlight. Be sure to set your camera's options for shooting pictures to fluorescent light. Even though the color rating is similar you will still get the best results with that setting.

Susanne said...

A lightbox is a good idea, I should make one too, I miss my Ikea lamp which gives me just the right light, and I don´t have good lamps here. And what a great birdcage, it is SO sweet!
Love, Susanne

contar said...

Le doy las gracias por estas nociones de fotografía, me van a venir muy bien, la verdad es que a muchos nos vendrá bien, fotografiar minis es difícil, y muchos deseamos mejorar.
un abrazo

Thank you for these notions of photography, I will come very well, the truth is that many of us will do, photographing minis is difficult, and many want to improve.
a hug

Sans! said...

I know this post is about a lightbox but I absolutely love that birdcage :). I will go check out their website :).

Also, thank you Cheryl for your interest in my blog. I will be back here often to check out your progress. Hope to see you on mine too! :)

Carey said...

Thanks for sharing about the light box. I have trouble taking mini shots. This looks like something I could make and actually use.