Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

We had no decorations to display so I decided to create one. Perhaps I will get the other side finished enough to share with you tomorrow. It was a real treat playing with tools.

It seems as though I have been tricked as well. The blog title box has disappeared from my posting section......spooky.


Flora said...

Ha ha ha :-D
This skeleton is, to say the least, sprawled on the chair!!
Makes very little fear but it's really nice :-)
Mini "brrr" hugs, Flora

Susanne said...

...VERY scary, I think, but I´m too easy to scare ;-)
Love, Susanne

contar said...

la verdad es que la forma en que se sienta es graciosa, como si la muerte estuviese de relax, durante un minuto.
un abrazo

the truth is that the way you feel is funny, as if death was to relax for a minute.
a hug