Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lacy supplies and the 100 yen store

The Japanese version of a dollar store, the 100 yen store, had some nice miniatures supplies for me to take home. I did not realize it at the time but they are mostly lacy type items.

This first group is made from the same type of paper as doilies.
 This is the most delicate sticker. You cannot tell they are rubbery unless you feel them.

I went all the way to Japan and brought home a couple of punches. With the exchange rate they were less that $1.50 each and that is a lot less expensive than anywhere else I've seen them. Wish there were more to choose from.
These are the tiniest nail art decals I have seen.
Iron on and the designs are perfect size for miniature.

All in all I really enjoyed the 100 yen store and hope to return sometime. What would you do with some of these items?


Thmini2 said...

Cool! Those will come in so handy. I can think of lots of ideas. I wish we had some of those items here. Teresa

Flora said...

What a fabulous buy!
You want to create just looking around :-)
Good job

Kathi said...

Wow Cheryl! You found some really great things here! I can see tons of possibilities for them.

by Sonya Rotella said...

Very good shopping!
We have 99 cent in Italy too but there are not so beautiful and useful things!

CLARA said...

¡Muy buena compra!
Las puntillas las puedes utilizar sobre madera y despues al pintarlo todo igual parece un relive. Tambien sobre una pared.
Las más finas puedes ponerlas en los estantes de los armarios.
Espero que disfrutes con todo.
Besos Clara

Susanne said...

Great purchases, Cheryl. I love those borders, would be nice decorations on anything. I envy you the angel punch. I hope to find one someday. I would make a lot of angles right away in tealight aluminium, put them on wire and give them zinc patina or a shabby white. Then I would have nice decoration sticks for christmas or just for the french shabby style ;-)
Love, Susanne

miniaturista said...

Unas Puntillas muy practicas, se ven muy bonitas.

Minnie Kitchen said...

great buy!! love 100 yen shops and laces!

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Where is this store? I would have a lot of fun using them for trims onshelves and edgings pictures frames I don't now but what fun!!!!
Lucky you!

Piikko said...

What a great buy! I'm sure you'll found something very pretty what you can do with them. Anyway, every girl should have some laces, decals, punches etc. just for in case;D